You need your crew well rested for the hard work ahead. Give them a home away from home where they can kick back and recharge after a long day.

CORAB is Wyoming’s first choice for custom, modern living quarters and equipment for the oil and gas industry, construction sites, green energy industry, and projects that need safe, high-quality, short- or long-term accommodations. From single units to complete camp setups, we provide customized, one-stop-shop solutions that make it easy for your crew (and you) to focus on their work.

Our accommodations and equipment can be used for any project that calls for portable shelter, generators, portable waste management or water tanks. We provide customized systems and on-site services for:

  • Oil rig sites
  • Well-completion sites
  • Gas sites
  • Fracking sites
  • Wind turbine and solar sites
  • Hunting camps
  • Construction sites
  • Short-term living
  • Emergency shelters
  • Schools
  • Back-up equipment

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